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Low Cost Repair Solutions for Conservatory, Windows and Doors

Conservatory, Window and Door Repairs

Serving the Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Coventry, Balsall Common, Knowle and all surrounding areas.

First Choice For Window and Conservatory Repairs and Maintenance

Have you noticed how many companies try and sell you new products rather than offer you a repair solution? Why replace when you can repair at a fraction of the cost with less hassle and a faster turnaround? Over 20 years experience in the window & conservatory business  makes us the smart choice for quality repairs. Looking for home improvements? We offer a quality installation service with trade prices on all our products.

Glaze Rite Repairs and Installations, has over 20 years experience within the Double Glazing Industry. Glaze Rite Repairs aims to provide customers with a low cost repair solution for double glazing windows, doors and conservatories. With a friendly speedy service in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Coventry, Balsall Common, Knowle and all surrounding areas. We are also a Certass registered company, therefore, we can provide an installation service for our clients, installing high quality uPVC windows, doors, bifolding doors, sliding doors, composite doors and conservatories.


Window Repairs

Specialists in the repair of uPVC windows. All types of locks, handles and hinges (friction stays) repaired or replaced. Aluminium and Timber also repaired. This type of window is now the most popular in the country. Unfortunately the UPVC industry has a high rate of casualties as far as Companies going out of business is concerned. This means that people are left with guarantees and no one to honour them. We deal with all types of repairs associated with UPVC windows.

We can:-

  • Replace faulty glass double glazed units
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty multipoint locking mechanisms
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty hinges (friction stays)
  • Replace broken or faulty handles (in all colours)
  • Repair scratched or damaged UPVC frames in white, Woodgrain or Light Oak
  • Upgrade hinges in bedrooms to Fire Escape or easy egress friction stays
  • Repair or replace faulty gaskets, eliminating draughts.
  • Re-set opening vents so they sit squarely in their apertures.
  • Repair or replace broken or faulty Tilt & Turn mechanisms


Unlike our competitors who charge to come a visit your home to evaluate the situation and give you a quote, we will provide a friendly visit and give you quote FOR FREE. So click on the button below to contact us

Conservatory Repairs

Aside from problems with temperature regulation in older conservatories, there are a number of issues that can occur during the lifespan of your conservatory. Sometimes exceptionally inclement weather can effect your conservatory. Maybe a tile fell from an adjacent pitched roof and damaged the conservatory? Maybe there is an ongoing leak that only appears in certain rain conditions when the wind blows in the opposite direction to the prevailing direction?

Due to its increased exposure to the elements, the conservatory roof and guttering can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, for example high winds or an overload of snow, that can cause guttering to warp or crack, snapped brackets and leaks.

Some common conservatory roof issues requiring repairs can include:

  • Leaks from rot in a wooden roof ridge or slipped glazing panels
  • Cracked and misted or discoloured glazing panels
  • Blocked and leaking valley gutter
  • Leaks from distorted or poorly sealed roof vents
  • Leaks from poor flashing at house/conservatory interface
  • Leaks from jointed glazing panels and slipped or rotted glazing bar covers
  • Leaking gutter and downspout leading to rotting wooden window frames
  • Leaks from perished gaskets around the perimeter of glazing panels
  • Poorly fitted or missing end caps
  • Glazed roof panels slipping into guttering
  • Rot in the window or door sill and door stile
  • Weight of roof glazing pushing the top of the window outwards

Door Repairs

When it comes to repairing a faulty UPVC or Aluminium door it doesn’t always mean that you need to change the whole door. We can save you £££ by simply replacing or adjusting the locking mechanism, handles, hinges, glazed units or panels…

There can be many common problems with doors – they can seize up, drop, locks can stick and handles can become loose. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that all of these problems can be fixed quickly and without spending a fortune with our low cost door repairs.

Examples of door repairs we are often called out for include:

  • Broken Hinges Replaced
  • Door alignment Problems Fixed
  • Failed Double Glazing
  • Faulty Door Locks Replaced
  • Damaged Handle Replacement
  • Sticking Locks repaired
  • Dropped Door Repairs
  • Worn or Missing Seals Replaced
  • Damaged door panels


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